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About Rhonda

Rhonda Hamilton is a motivation maker.  She’s an in-demand success speaker and communications skills expert who champions others to live a bigger and better life.

You may ask, “What is a bigger life?”  Rhonda believes it’s about finding that place of deep satisfaction in your personal and professional life - being fulfilled, happy, and content with who you are on the inside, and where you’re going on the outside! To find a bigger life right where you are today, requires purpose, passion, people, action, and attitude.  It’s about choosing and moving forward. It’s about believing that tomorrow can be better than today if you make the right choices and have the right attitude that moves you beyond the mindset that holds you back from achieving more of what you want in life.

Rhonda offers motivational seminars, provides professional development training, and delivers keynote speeches for businesses, associations and other organizations.   No matter what Rhonda does, whether it’s training a handful of people, facilitating a break out session, or speaking to a large group, she gives 110% to the effort. She wants people to feel that they have received more than their money’s worth from her services. Her communication style is warm, interactive and energetic. She loves what she does, and it shows! 

Prior to her speaking career, she experienced success in-the-field as a salesperson.  Since becoming a full-time speaker, trainer, and coach, she has received numerous awards in her speaking career and in 2007, she was inducted into the REBAC®  Hall of Fame for her influence in the sales industry.  She is a published author, having written numerous articles and is presently working on two books for future release.  Being married for more than 30 years with two sons, has provided her with plenty of wonderful life experiences, which is the greatest teacher of all.

Rhonda Hamilton energizes people and organizations to shift their thinking and implement success strategies that build the bigger life they are looking for.  She knows that personal and professional success begins from within, therefore, her mission is to empower people with the skills and attitudes needed in order to reach new heights and make a meaningful difference in their personal and professional lives.  With an entertaining style and information-packed programs, her enthusiasm moves people to take positive action.  As someone who has “walked the talk,” Rhonda knows firsthand the challenges of life and the sweet smell of success.  In her keynote speeches, workshops, break-out sessions, and SuccessByte segments, she shares her stories, examples, and “successtions” for reaching the next level in a bigger life.  She is dedicated to helping others build a better self, build a better business, build better relationships, and thereby build a bigger life and a better world.

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